Monday, February 3, 2014

A Powell River weekend.

We left Vancouver bright and early on Friday January 31st. Off to catch the 7:20 am ferry out of Horseshoe Bay. We did great on timing, managing to get a Blenz drink before going right onto the boat.
 The ferry docking in Langdale

We stopped at Trout Lake on the Peninsula to kill  a bit of time.

The  ferry schedule is a bit messed up now that the Powell River ferry terminal in Westview has been closed for renovations. This means that the ferries that would normally take you straight across to Little River in Comox and to Texada Island now have to be routed out of Saltery Bay, making the voyage a lot longer.

We entertained ourselves on the ferries. I spent most of the time reading the Powell River Living and snapping photos outside on the deck. The weather was beautiful and the mountains were showing off their colours. I will always love the sight of mountains rising out of the ocean.

After getting off in Saltery Bay we drove towards town but we stopped at Eagle River and went for a small walk down towards the river in hopes that we could see the waterfall but were not able to get much closer than the road as the wet weather had left the trail quite muddy and none of us were willing to go further. I was tempted to run up and get my rain boots but I stopped myself and we enjoyed the stroll.

My beautiful mother and sister.

We headed into town and unloaded our things at the house where my mother rents a room before we split ways for a little while. My sister and I popped into Staples to say hello to my friend Hillary who now works there and then we went to Mowat Bay to take in the lake and maybe throw a stone or two.

I brought out Tapir for his first Powell River adventure.

I enjoyed a Jones soda and this was the fortune under the cap. As I am about to be unemployed for a while before finding work I thought this was very fitting.

Before dinner we went for a walk with our cousin Jen along the pole lines towards Second Beach so we could take some photos of the sunset. It was well worth the walk and it was great to talk to her.

 Shawn, Jen and I.

We enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner made by our Auntie Vickie. The garlic bread was very good. I miss family dinners so much and I guess I'll have to savour these ones due to my departure coming up quite quickly now.

After dinner we headed to my grandma's apartment so we could visit with her before bedtime. It was so good to see her and we got in some cuddles. She loves us so much and has always been there for us growing up. I wish Powell River was closer and easier to get to so that I could visit her more often.

Saturday Feb 1st

We woke up slowly on Saturday. Crawling out of bed and getting dressed. Weighing our options for breakfast we decided to try Edie Rae's Cafe in the Old Courthouse Inn in Townsite. I am glad we went there as I have never been inside the Old Courthouse and the food was very good. I had the smoked salmon benny. 

This is the house I lived in during highschool.

After breakfast we headed to my cousin Sarah's house and went for a walk down from her house to the mall. We stopped in Telus and got my mom a new iPhone 5c which is quite amusing to see her try and use it. New technology. We popped into Coles and got my cousin a dictionary as she is attending Business Math and needed one.  We did a bit more shopping before heading back to her place and enjoying some family time.

We planned to go to the Shingle Mill for dinner and stopped by the graveyard to set flowers for our loved ones there. I am always trying to dig deeper into my family's past so it was nice to hear my mother show us our great grandfather's grave that I didn't know was there. 

We went to the Shingle Mill which used to be a very great restaurant and would be some place where we would always go when we were in town or having a birthday to celebrate but I feel now as of late that the food has changed and they have increased the prices quite a bit. I don't think I would have recommended it. It was just one of the options and we thought it would be good. 

I really wanted to go to Casa del  Sol on Marine but they don't open for another week which is very disappointing for me as I always want to go there but it seems whenever I am in Powell River they are closed. My bad luck as the food there is amazing.

Sunday February 2

We woke up and headed out to have breakfast but our options were quite slim as we went to Savoury Bight at the Beach Gardens and that was closed. We drove along Marine and struggled to find options so settled on the Marine Inn which was alright. Nothing to write home about. After breakfast we drove over to Willingdon Beach and had a quick look around but did not go into the trail as it was quite chilly and I was cold.

The plan for the day was to go for lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant which is also one of my favourite restaurants in Powell River. They were closed on Sundays! Oh the horror. I was so sad to find that out as I would have dragged us there earlier but I had been planning to go for lunch with Hillary. Instead we went to Julie's Airport Cafe and I enjoyed a very spicy meatloaf sandwich. I enjoy spicy foods but it was a bit surprising just how spicy it was and that it was not mentioned at all on the menu or by the server as I know my mother would probably not have been able to enjoy it as it was so spicy.

I have missed Hillary, she was a great coworker and a great friend. It was fun to be able to work with her after high school. She got her boyfriend's sister Heidi a job at the Hub and she has taken over Hillary's role but it was hard adjusting to Hillary not being there when she transferred to the Powell River store. I have finally gotten over saying 'I wish Hillary was here' much to Heidi's relief but now I am the one that is leaving. I am going to miss Heidi a lot.

I was able to visit Hillary's house that she rents and pet her adorable lab Sadie who just gets so excited when she meets people she knows. She showed me all her Scotland books and told me where I should go. Like the Wallace Monument and Glencoe. I hope to be able to visit Scotland more so I am looking forward to seeing those places.

After the all too short visit I headed back to my aunt's for a quick hug and goodbye as we seemed to be ushered on our way to the ferry. 

We were an hour early to the 2:40pm ferry so we started watching Last Vegas on my laptop to pass the time. We watched more of it on the boat as there is not much to do on the first boat. We headed upstairs before docking to use the bathrooms and were lucky as we were just passing a pod of orcas.

We got off the ferry and I drove as fast as I could as the next ferry was at 4:30pm. I made it into Gibsons at 4:40pm which means that we would now have to wait until 6:30 for the next ferry. So stupid. I guess though if we had not been forced to take the ferry we would not have stopped in Gibsons and enjoyed some delicious fish and chips at Molly's Reach. We had been hoping to make it to Smitty's Oyster Shack as we had seen it featured on TV but their website advertised it being open until 5 but upon arriving their open sign was off and the hours outside was 4pm. It was just not meant to be.  We enjoyed a stroll along the pier and watched the sunset across the marina before having dinner.

We caught the 6:30 boat and headed for home. I dropped Shawn off and hurried to my apartment where I cuddled my cat and crawled into bed. Arriving home at 8pm that was quite a long journey of travelling.

41 days.

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