Saturday, May 17, 2014

Budapest Zoo!

As I take too many animal photos and my day in Budapest was full of adventures. This is a completely separate post dedicated just to my day at the zoo.
The Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest zoo in Hungary and also one of the oldest in the world.  The Zoo has 1072 animal species. As mentioned in my other post the zoo costs 2500 HUF or about $12 Canadian. To me $12 to go to a zoo is a steal.  

The zoo opened at 9 am and I arrived on time. Entering the zoo so early allowed me a good amount of time to locate the animals I wanted to see and also get a good view of the animals without any distraction. I hate going to a zoo and not being able to see because theres a million children blocking every inch of glass in front of you. The only downside I found to arriving on time at 9 am was that all their interior buildings that housed different animals opened at 10 am. This meant that in order to not miss everything I had to back track later on in order to check out the insides of the buildings.

I found the elephant house to be very beautiful. 

I found this ugly mug sitting in a bush. Don't have a clue what type of bird it is.

One of my favourite parts of this zoo was it's big cats. They had some young tigers and lions that were playing around. They all looked very happy and healthy.

I was very happy to find the pallas cat. I've always wanted to see once since I discovered them on the internet.

I caught the lions having their breakfast. One fluffy bunny for every lion. I got some really good closeups but decided to post the less bloody ones.

My day was going fabulous. That was until I got to the tapir exhibit. No tapirs. What?! I couldn't figure it out. They weren't in the exhibit, I could not see their chubby bodies in their tapir house. I had no luck finding tapirs. I took a photo of the statue as well as the photo of the sign board because it looked like the tapir is crying. I went back about three times to try and see them. No luck.

Hope you enjoyed my zoo photos. Look forward to my posts on the Prague Zoo and the Berlin Zoo.

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