Monday, May 19, 2014

Journey to Krakow

We left Budapest on the bus, travelling north towards Krakow. We had a little side tour where we stopped in Bánk. Bánk is the home town of our beloved bus driver so he wanted to stop and give us a little break into our long drive to enjoy the beautiful blue skies as well as the lake Bánki-tó. 

We found this garbage can painted as R2-D2 which I found very funny. Around the edge of the lake were these little docks sticking out which everyone went on.   Our driving days usually consisted of being on the bus, stopping for lunch and then fifteen minute breaks to allow the driver some rest.

Our brief stop in beautiful Bánk was over and off we went. Our drive took us back into Slovakia where we encountered something I hadn't yet experienced in Europe. Snow! As we climbed through the hills the snow got thicker and thicker. We stopped in a small ski town called Donovaly so we could have a well earned bathroom break and lunch.  

I was always impressed with the Topdeck lunches that were provided when we were travelling. We would stop, everyone would pile out and rush for the bathroom. Those that could hold it, stayed behind at the bus and busied themselves setting up the tables and putting out the food. We usually had some really good cold salads and desserts. Today we had different types of sandwiches, fruit, chocolate and juice boxes.

After our lunch was finished we said goodbye to Slovakia for a final time and entered Poland, happily arriving in Krakow

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  1. Beautiful pictures Paige. The lake was peaceful, a good place to stop and rest. Wow, snow! It looks a little chilly. Sounds like a good trip to Poland.