Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finding Sefton Park

I had heard tales of Sefton Park. I had heard it whispered in dark corners and shouted high across mountains. Well, no I had actually just heard it from my roommates as being a really nice park. I thought I had passed it on my way to the Brookhouse but I was wrong. That was not Sefton Park, that was just a park. One thing I am finding out about Liverpool is that they like their parks and they will put one just about anywhere. I only learned a few days ago that my street is not full of houses, you walk down it and bam no more houses but a nice walking path! Well, I'll talk about that another time.  Let's discover Sefton Park together.
Since I had heard such great things about this park and as I am currently unemployed, I thought going to check out this park would be a good way to spend some time outside as well as get to know my new area. You leave my house and turn left onto Rose Lane which soon turns into Elmswood Road. 15-20 minutes later you reach Sefton Park.  You might be able to do it a little bit faster than that but I wasn't being chased nor was I timing myself.

Heading down Elmswood Road, a piece of cake. It's all downhill. Regretted this a little when I was walking back.

At the bottom of the road I reached Sefton Park. I already liked it. I hadn't stepped two meters into the park and I was in love. It was very welcoming with its green trees and grass. I happily followed along the first path I came across and came across the boating lake.
I walked along the banks of the lake, enjoying all the ducks and dogs about. The weather was a bit overcast, but it wasn't cold out.
After I left the boating lake I kept along the path and came across this statue of William Rathbone V. He was a prominent English merchant and politician who contributed to the public baths following the cholera epidemic.
Along my walk I came across the Palm House which is a three tiered greenhouse. It contains several different exotic plant species. I was not able to go inside as I had timed my walk poorly and they were closing. I was only able to walk around the greenhouse and admire the statues that surround it.

On the grounds of the palm house there is a statue of Peter Pan and is a replica of the one found in Kensington Gardens in London. I love the detail of the creatures and fairies that surround its base.

Similar also to London's Piccadilly Circus there is a replica of the Eros fountain. Liverpool and London have a lot in common in Sefton Park.
I didn't venture to the very far side of the park. I'll save that for my next trip when I go and see the Palm House. Above is a photo of the bandstand in the park which some say is the inspiration for the Beatle's Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

What amused me the most in the park were the baby Coots that were floating about. On the boating lake there were several nests of them. The coot has always interested me. The first time I saw one was in London with my mother, I then found them in Stanley Park in Vancouver and then in Lago Maggiore.
I finished my walk back where I started and said farewell to Sefton Park for the day before heading home. I'll go back soon for there are parts unexplored and promises of summer picnics.

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  1. It's lovely! Everything is so green! The Palm House looks very interesting. Sefton Park looks like a very beautiful place to spend peaceful and relaxing times and your summer picnics.