Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Recap: March 29

So it has been a week since I returned from my adventures with my family. My internet has been a bit slow so uploading photos has been a pain. I have also felt quite drained with having the two weeks off then returning to long days at work. My head felt like it was in a fog for most of the week but I am feeling much better. Last Sunday I took the bus into town and purchased a few bathbombs at Lush before watching the Tale of the Princess Kaguya at FACT Picturehouse.

This weekend on Saturday I went into town. Wandering around a bit and doing a bit of research for my Lisbon trip in Waterstones.  I got on the bus for home when I noticed my housemate Danny outside the bus when we came to a stop. We were right across from his coffee shop. I got his attention and he managed to inform me they had cake in stock. Getting off at the next stop I walked to the coffee shop. I got a delicious slice of their banana chocolate cake and a latte. I found out then that my other housemate Adam was in the coffee shop. I sat next to him and we chatted as I enjoyed the delicious cake.

Today, I woke and went into town to meet Jamie for lunch. We watched Home at the Odeon before going to Lush and picking up a few things. I'm planning on lots of baths it seems. Looking forward to them.

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