Sunday, March 20, 2016

Arriving in Rome

Leaving Florence, I took the train down to Rome. I left sunny Florence and arrived in a very rainy Rome. I had my rain jacket. I had my umbrella. I was set to walk around and enjoy what I could. I left my hostel The Yellow and walked to the Trevi fountain which google maps told me was a half an hour walk.

Rainy night selfies and the beautiful fountain behind me. I was happy they were not renovating this one. It seems Rome is constantly cleaning and fixing their monuments. It is very good that they keep the monuments clean from all the pollution of the city and the people.

From the Trevi Fountain, I headed to the Pantheon but decided I was tired and wanted to walk back to the hostel. That was a long walk but it was nice to see the monuments and just be in Rome.

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