Monday, March 28, 2016

Walking around Rome

This little wander around Rome happened after I left the Borghese Gallery. Wandering through the Villa Borghese gardens, I was able to get a nice view over the Vatican and Rome. The square below is the Piazza del Popolo which was looking very nice in the sunshine. I worked my way down from the gardens into the piazza.

I had picked up a map from my hostel and it had some food, gelato, museum and other type of things recommendations. I was more focused on the gelato side of things. Seeing one close to where I was I headed over to try it out. I ended up getting some delicious flavours from Pompi gelato on Via della Croce, 82. Eating my gelato, I strolled over to the Spanish steps which were sadly covered up for restoration. There was a small section open but it was just not the same so I did not take any photos and did not climb them. I felt lucky that the last time I had been in Rome I had been able to climb them.

Continuing my stroll through Rome, I hit up the Trevi fountain. This time it was day time. The sun was out as was all the tourists.

Notice the papal tiara and the crossed keys. When you're in Rome, you start noticing all the things in the city that have to do with the popes. Usually a pope would put his coat of arms on things that he built.

The Trevi fountain is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world.  It was designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci in 1762. Apparently €3,000 are thrown into the fountain daily!

Leaving the Trevi fountain behind, I walked to the Pantheon. The Pantheon is a really, really old building. The present building was completed by the Emperor Hadrian and dedicated about 126 AD.  Almost two thousand years after it was built, the dome is still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome.

Leaving the Pantheon, I walked to the Piazza Navona to admire it's fountains.

Above the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini. 

Leaving the beautiful piazza behind I kept walking. Walking and more walking.

My next stop was the the Altar of the Fatherland or the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II. A monument built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy.

Above the goddess Roma looking over the the tomb of the unknown soldier. Below, the guard of the tomb.

I walked up to the free area of the monument and enjoyed the views over the city. The colosseum was looking very lovely in the sunshine.

Leaving the Altar of the Fatherland, I walked towards Trajan's Market and the other Roman ruins surrounding it. Trajan's market is the world's oldest shopping mall.

Reaching the Colosseum, I admired it from outside. The clouds were starting to move in and I had a food tour to go to so I was needing to make sure I left enough time to stroll along the river to where the food tour met.

Leaving the Colosseum and all the ruins behind I walked through the Circus Maximus which apparently was an ancient chariot racing stadum, go figure.

Strolling along the river, I was sad to see the beautiful blue sky taking over by grey skies. Rain was just starting and I was not wearing the best shoes for it. My new Paez shoes from Lisbon, like Toms are horrible on any sort of slick pavement. Luckily as I reached the square where the food tour would begin the rain went away and I was able to let the stones dry and prevent myself from breaking an ankle slipping.

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