Sunday, November 17, 2013


Alright, I have started to look at flights but nothing is set in stone yet. I need to figure out how much time I need for my visa. I am planning to leave on March 18th it seems.

I am trying to decide if I want to do a little side trip and travel a little before going to Manchester and trying to find work.  I have found a flight with Icelandair for $398 to Manchester and another to Paris for $409 with Icelandair.  I'm playing around with and getting all excited and at the same time nervous as it makes it all more real. I have found another flight to London for $398 from Icelandair. All these flights are leaving from Seattle which is a two hour drive from Vancouver and will require my sister to take me there. All the flights from Vancouver are at least $150-$200 more expensive than flying out of Seattle. Thats money in my pocket if my sister takes me.

I can find the flight to Manchester for $398 on March 18th, 20th and 25th. This flight is just about $98 more than the fee for the visa application.

I need to get rid of more of my belongings which is going to be difficult. I also need to call my mother and find out what she would like to do with my car. Have to figure out what is going on with the insurance but it ends in June which is when I will be in Europe!

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