Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Long weekend in Victoria

I had been invited to go to Victoria with my sister for the Remembrance Day long weekend to visit our friend Chris ages ago but had initially turned her down. The weekend came around and I had no plans at all. Chris pestered me about coming and my sister questioned again whether I wanted to come or not.

I hummed and I hawwed before deciding that I did not want to be left home alone so I stuffed my things into a duffel bag and went to pick my sister up from work. I picked her up after she got off at 3 pm and we headed for the ferry terminal. Luckily we made it onto the 5 pm boat with no problems.

The sunset from the ferry.

We arrived in Swartz Bay and headed for Saanich where Chris lives. The whole entire time of driving there and the ferry we had not told him that I was coming. My sister pretended that she was taking the bus. We planned to surprise him at the bus stop but after a few confusing directions we let the cat out of the bag. We drove to his house and met him there.  We went and watched Don Jon at UVic's Cinecenta. As I had not slept at all that day since being at work I fell asleep half way through the movie. Apparently I did not miss much.

The next day we woke up and enjoyed some really yummy food at Floyd's Diner in Sydney. I had the really yummy eggs benny called The Homer.  

After breakfast we went to meet up with Chris' friends Allison and Karen. We played a card game called LeCardo which I thought was quite fun. We walked over to Thrifty Foods where we picked up the supplies to make some mini-pizzas which turned out deliciously once we got back to the apartment to make them. Chris made some delicious whoopie pies for us to enjoy. After lunch we played a game called Urban Myth. The game was a little fun but was over too soon.

After we left we headed back to Chris' house and got ready as we were off to the ballet! We arrived downtown early so that we could find a place to eat. Since we were still full off of lunch we really struggled to find a place to eat. Everything seemed to expensive and nothing really caught our eye. We finally settled on The Mint which was a perfect fit for what we wanted. I had some delicious water buffalo momos, Shawn a butter chicken naan pizza and Chris had a tasty meat dish.

We arrived at the ballet in perfect timing to take our seats. It was at the Royal Theatre and by the Alberta Ballet and called Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. It was performed to songs by Sarah McLachlan which I thought was very cool. It was my first ballet and I thought it was very good.

We woke up Sunday and made some really good pancakes and bacon. I helped cook the bacon but I don't think I am very good at making bacon but I attempted. We had slept in which was nice. We headed to go for a little walk. We climbed a small mountain and could see all over the coastline which was very beautiful. Glad the rain held off.

We wanted to go to a little deli and pick up supplies for a picnic lunch but the place ended up being closed for the holiday so we settled on 5th St Bar and Grill and boy were we glad we did. I enjoyed the Buffalo burger. It was so tasty. I wanted to try all their other menu items. Wish it wasn't on the Island.

Later we went and had dinner at Boston Pizza before enjoying a quiet night in playing Cards Against Humanity.

The next morning we woke up and got ready to leave for home. Before we left we went for a walk around Swan Lake which was very nice.

After that it was home again. To my kitty and to my bed.

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