Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week November 17-23rd

This week has been big. I have thought a lot of things during this week and a lot of things have happened. The ball has started to roll, the pawn has made a move.  Work is still the same. I have not heard back from the interview on wether or not I have the supervisors role. I hope that I get it but at the same time am very open to not getting the position. If I do not get it then I will move back to being Production Coordinator which means that I will not be paid as much.

On Sunday me and my sister went and watched About Time with my sister. We went to the New Westminster Quay for lunch at the Paddlewheeler Pub and each got the beef dip. Across the street from the Quay is the New Westminster Skytrain which also contains a Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Landmark Cinemas and various other stores. The movie was very good. I really enjoyed the acting as well as the story line. The main actor Domhnall Gleeson is the son of Brendan Gleeson, who stars in two of my favourite films In Bruges and The Guard. I am glad to see Domhnall getting more films. I think the idea about going back in time to change moments is very interesting and had me questioning what moments in time I would go back and change. I know the concept is that if you change the past your now would be different. You may not be where you are now, you may not know the people you are so close to, you may not be the same person. 

On Monday I didn't really do much. :P Probably a bit of sleeping and working and thinking.

On Tuesday I went and saw Thor 2 which I really enjoyed. Tuesdays are cheap day at the movie theatre so I try and watch movies on Tuesdays so that I can save money. I really love movies if you hadn't noticed. I thought the acting was very good. Tuesday was also very big as I booked my flight. That was a very bold move as I have not yet got my visa so I better get that damn visa or else I'm just going on holiday.

Wednesday and Thursday were much like Monday. Lots of planning going on but nothing really big.

On Friday I decided to go to Scotia Bank to ask about their accounts. I've made an appointment for Monday the 25th to talk about opening up one. I have a visa card with them which I really enjoy as I earn points towards free movies. Feeds my addiction I guess. The cool thing is that Scotia Bank is linked to Barclays in the Uk so you can use their ATMs for free. I have heard really good things about Barclays being able to open accounts without proof of address which is amazing so I am leaning towards them for my bank account when I move across the pond. After the bank I drove to Metrotown to check out Atmopshere, an outdoor store to see if they had the Osprey Porter 46 backpack that I was interested in. They did not. I really should have called ahead. 

I gave up on that and decided to head over to the theatre to watch The Hunger Games Catching Fire. The line up for it was so long so I quickly evacuated the mall and drove all the way to Coquitlam in hopes of gaining access to the movie. I hustled inside, booked a ticket at the VIP cinema with my points so it was free! Saving me $19.  I walked right in, sat down half way through the previews and watched the film in a half empty theatre. No one next to me. Very enjoyable.  I really liked the movie. I cant remember much of the first one in terms of detail. I have read all three books but I could not say it this one was better. Curse my bad memory. The ending was very good and left me wanting more. I went to Coquitlam Centre afterwards and did a bit of shopping, again checking out Atmosphere only to find they did not have the bag. The associate checked the system and found out that the Park Royal store has the bag.  Now I knew where it was.

On Saturday I met up with my sister to take her to the doctor's. It was a quick appointment luckily. After we went down to West Broadway and enjoyed burritos from Best Burrito. The reason we went down to West Broadway was to check out MEC and see their Wayfarer backpack that retails at $79.00. The backpack was quite cool and comes with a daypack but I was not fully sold on the bag. We decided to drive to West Vancouver and check out the Atmosphere there for the Osprey bag. We found it tucked away. It was the green bag. The bag comes in green, red and black. It retailed at $129, I have found it at REI in Bellingham for $99.00 but online I was able to find it for $74.25 on Amazon. That would be a savings of $54.75 which is pretty crazy! I hope that the price does not go up as I am still unsure if I want to spend the money on a new bag. I have a Tatonka Great Escape 45 which is very heavy in comparison to the Porter.  I will make a post about the two bag options I am thinking about very soon.

After dropping off my sister I went to Coquitlam to my coworker Jess' nail painting party. It was a lot of fun. We painted our nails, chatted, enjoyed pizza and ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity. We all arrived around 6 and left at Midnight so a good solid six hours spent there. I went home and fell quickly asleep.

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