Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy happy Tuesday

I called Rogers today to find out how many months I had left on my contract not really remembering what I started it but I got good news. My contract ends with them March 12! Just 4 days before I leave.
The lady was super nice and understanding. Informed me that I had to call in February to inform that I was cancelling. Can do! Adding that to my list of things to do.

My bank appointment with Scotia went really well the other day. I feel really confident with them. The lady who helped me,  Jocelyne was super nice and helped me go through setting up a bank account. She made sure I understood everything which I thought was great. Money is something I hate talking about. I don't like feeling stupid over things I do not know and she really helped a lot. I will need to set up an appointment with BMO and change my accounts to lessen the fees before moving most of my funds to Scotia. The cool thing about Scotia is that they are linked to so many different banks abroad so that you don't have to pay crazy fees.

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