Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Morning in Lisbon

My first morning in Lisbon started early. I left Restauradores Square and used the metro to get to Santa Apolónia where I walked up to Campo Santa Clara to visit the Feira da Ladra or Thieve's Market which is Lisbon's flea market that operates from 9 am to 6 pm Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Leaving the market empty handed I wandered the streets of Alfama, finding myself with some beautiful views over the city. I sought out graffiti which seemed to be on every corner. The one I wanted to find the most was the famous Fado graffiti known as Fado Vadio. I found the decorated wall in the Escadinhas de São Cristóvão.

After locating the wall piece and admiring the amazing art, I headed out of Alfama to Rossio Square enjoying the fountains and monument. I spent most of the morning attempting to find where Sandeman's New Lisbon Tours met. I had written down the location but the map I had picked up at the airport was very poor. I managed to work my way through Chiado and found the square which was Largo de Camões. Not realising it, I sat down at Café A Brasileira, the famous cafe in Lisbon opened in 1905. It has a statue of Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet sitting on a bench outside of it. I did not actually order anything as I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat anything there. Giving up on the cafe, oblivious to its history I headed around the corner to Sacolinha on Rua Paiva de Andrada where I enjoyed a refreshing orange juice and a strawberry tart. I was able to use the toilets and relax a bit before the tour which was set to meet in the nearby square at 11 am.

This was a post about my first morning in Lisbon. There will be a separate post detailing more about the walking tour I took.

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  1. Pessoa is incredible. I've only read his Book of Disquiet but it's a trip, like a narrative out of an Auster book where every sentence erases the sentence before it.