Saturday, April 11, 2015


On Sunday my plan was for us to wake early and head to Versailles bright and early to be there at nine. We enjoyed an interesting breakfast at a cafe near our Airbnb before casually heading to Versailles. We had already purchased tickets online so did not need to queue to get inside. We entered the palace and strolled through the halls. Though I had been to Versailles years before, I enjoyed every room. The high ceilings, the furniture, the paintings. The whole idea that this had been someones home. Those someone of course being the French royals including Marie Antoinette.

The weather was very much on our side and we enjoyed all of the blue skies and sunshine for our visit. We purchased the Passport to the Estate which granted us access to the grounds, the Grand Trianon, Petite Trianon and Marie-Antoinette's Estate. Wandering from room to room, we skipped the audio tour and instead read the place cards and scanned each room for interesting mouldings, paintings and details that caught our eyes.

One of my favourite parts of Versailles is the famous hall of mirrors. It contains 357 mirrors in total. The ceilings are beautifully painted and there are so many details to look at. Sadly the mirrors themselves are not in perfect condition. I am not sure if that is just age or if they are in need of a clean but they do look in need of a bit of windex.

After finishing up in the main palace of Versailles, we headed out to explore the grounds. Deciding to rent a golf cart, we happily climbed in and drove around the massive gardens, having a complete laugh and enjoying ourselves. The weather was still amazing and we enjoyed a lunch of wraps purchased at one of the vendors. Sitting on a wall just outside of the Grand Trianon. We sampled freshly squeezed orange juice and munched on macarons before visiting the building.  We drove to the Petite Trianon next, visiting its beautiful estate before continuing our drive through the gardens. You really could spend days here exploring each corner of the sprawling estate.  We turned in our golf cart and wandered around on foot before calling it a day.

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