Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Recap: April 5

Sunday's always come around and it surprises me that another week has passed so quickly. Of course, when the week is actually happening it often seems to be going as fast as molasses. The weekend arrives and its over in a blink of an eye. Luckily as it is Easter, I had Friday and Monday to add to my weekend. Not much happened through the week working 8:30-6 most days. My most eventful day just happened to be today. The Liverpool Food and Drink Festival started today but I did not really feel like going. I met Jamie at her's and we walked to Tavern Company for some brunch. I enjoyed the Banana Foster Pancakes and boy we're they delicious.

We left the restaurant with full stomachs but no plan. We walked through Wavertree Playground and decided to stop in on the fun fair that was taking place. All the rides had such amusing graphics on them. Deciding to enjoy one ride, we got onto one that dragged you around. I think I remember it being called the Zipper when we had them at Sea Fair in my hometown. The song that played while we waited for the ride to start was quite amusing. Had us laughing.

After our ride, we walked through the Playground and then down to Smithdown where we caught the bus into town. Wandering around, we picked up milkshakes at McDonalds and headed over to the Odeon. We decided to watch the Water Diviner which was the perfect mix of good and sad. I had thought A Little Chaos was out but it wasn't listed so will have to wait to watch that. So far my Easter has been quite good.

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