Wednesday, November 26, 2014


On Saturday November 15, Jamie and I headed to Sheffield on a day out of Liverpool. We met at Lime Street and caught the train across the countryside to Yorkshire. We did not have any plans set in stone but were hoping to explore the city in South Yorkshire. We arrived around lunch time and headed from the train station up to the city centre, where we checked out their Christmas market. The weather was a bit chilly and foggy but not raining so that was a good thing.

As we left the Christmas market, I led Jamie down a back alley in hopes we would not be killed and found some unique graffiti before we came out safely on the other side. We went to the Bowery, a bar co-owned by former Arctic Monkey's bassist Andy Nicholson and current Arctic Monkey's drummer Matt Helders. We entered the bar and it was quite empty at 1 pm in the afternoon. Empty as we were the only ones there besides the server. We ordered some very tasty drinks with mine as the Snowblerone and Jamie's the Candy Shop complete in candy sack and complimentary drumstick.

We left the bowery and headed out to wander the streets looking for food before settling on Zizzi. I had never been to Zizzi before so was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how good everything on their menu sounded. Jamie and I both go the Pollo Prosciutto which was a chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto ham and sage with a white wine sauce, Tuscan potatoes and green beans. It was heavenly and I can't wait to try more of their menu in the future.

I had a really great time in Sheffield with Jamie. We had a lot of fun exploring the city and all of its water features. Like like their fountains.  There are also a lot of trams in the city which I thought was fun though we did not end up taking one. I left Sheffield with a few postcards, an Arctic Monkeys poster and a cute little fawn stuffed animal. It was a really nice day out and I hope I can see more of Yorkshire next summer.

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