Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Recap November 30 2014

So since last Sunday Recap there has been a lot to happen in my life.

Monday was a pretty boring day. Nothing special happened. I went to work. I came home from work. That was that.

On Tuesday, I got a message from my best friend Stephanie who lives in BC, Canada about some collections agency calling her looking for me. I thought that very strange so I gave them a ring like the good girl that I am only to learn that someone in Ontario, a province I had never actually set foot in had used my name and date of birth to set up an account with Bell Canada. This account was opened on March 25, 2014 when I was already in the UK. After two non-payments the account was closed and Bell has sent it to collections. Now I was stuck trying to figure out how to file a police report in Ontario from the UK, and how to get myself out of that mess.

Wednesday, went to work and came home and tried to call Bell but got basically the same from them as the collections agency, file a police report and fax it to the collections agency. Fine and dandy, thats so easy to do when you're thousands of miles away and in another country.

Thursday was much the same as Wednesday. All work and no play makes Paige a dull girl. Back home, this time I called Equifax and learned from them that there were three accounts opened in the last year that do not belong to me. From Bell, Telus and Rogers, so now I am having to chase up those accounts and try and close them before they cause too much damage. I called Rogers, got no where with them except to call the Anti-Fraud Agency in Canada. I tried multiple times to call them but was unable to get through to them at all. No dice. No fun. I'm running out of minutes on my cellphone so I need to get more minutes or make the quickest phone call of my life to the Anti-Fraud people. That is if it goes through and someone actually answers. I was not even getting a hold with them. Just not connecting. Not sure if its because I'm calling them through a calling card or not. I hope its just a small issue and I can get a hold of them.

On Friday I went to work and afterwards I thought I would try and find a phone company for more minutes but there were so many people out shopping for Black Friday that I gave up and went home.

On Saturday, I crossed something off my Birthday List and that was getting a tattoo.  I have been in love with tapirs for the past year or so. They always make me think of my friends and I think they are a very underrated animal. Not many people know what they are (from personal experience when I've been in zoos.) I've always wanted a tattoo but never could decide on what and where and who to get it by. This tattoo was not a one second decision. I emailed the artist, the amazing Charlotte Timmons who works out of Modern Body Art in Birmingham in July about booking an appointment with her. We settled on November 29th, as that would be when she was in Liverpool guesting at Bold as Brass Tattoo Company. I went in at 10 am and left the shop some time after 2 pm. 4 hours of laying down and trying not to squirm. I am in love with my little baby tapir, I think she did an amazing job at capturing it and the bright flowers make it extra special.  I love to watch the video True Facts about the Tapir by Zefrank. The quote at the end "Just remember if you never take any risks like tapir, you might just fade away" really connects with me and makes me think of all the risks i have made and can still make in life.

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