Sunday, November 16, 2014

To Magere Bridge

I did a lot of walking when I was in Amsterdam. Though there is a tram network and bus routes in certain area of the city I found it easiest to get around on foot. Of course, you can always rent a bicycle and ride around like a local. At the same time, trying not to get run over by a local. I chose to walk as it gave me the freedom to stop and take photos and not worry about anyone behind me flying into a canal to avoid me. I left Katten Kabinet and set off walking to check out Magere Bridge or as it's known locally Magere Brug which translates as Skinny Bridge. I passed the Nationale Opera & Ballet which offers free lunchtime concerts on Tuesdays.

The Magere Bridge crosses the Amstel River and is a drawbridge to let boats through. It is closed to cars so only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed to cross it.

I wandered around after leaving the bridge I enjoyed a delicious salad from a small deli that had an amazing selection of salads and other things. I could have gotten all of it, it looked so good.  I stopped to check out the Fo Guang Han He Hua Temple before heading to Central Station and taking a free ferry across the river to the EYE Film Institute to check out the free area in its basement. The EYE Film Institute is free with the I Amsterdam card but I never made it back when I had the card to check out the other sections of it.

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