Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let's look back.

2014 is coming to an end. So much happened this year that I only can raise the bar for 2015.

Let's look back at my 2014

January. I was starting to blog a bit more. I made a few posts. One of them being my 2014 New Years Resoultions.  I think I have done a great job on all five.  I haven't decided yet what my 2015 resolutions will be or if I will even make them but I'm glad to know that I did a good job on last years.

The day has come! On January 2nd I got my visa in the mail.
70 days
Things I love...
Movies I watched today...
The weekend of fun

February - was a month of catching up with friends, enjoying life, snow, and food.
A Powell River Weekend
Weekend February 7-9
A quiet weekend
A Friday unlike other Fridays before it
A Snowy Saturday

March- a month of goodbyes, good food, and new beginnings. I left Canada and flew to London before taking the bus to Cardiff and then going to Manchester. Spending a week in Liverpool with Jamie, I dug my feet in and found a place to live.

A Day at the Market
Travel to London and London Day 1
London Day 2
Cardiff Day 2
Manchester 1 and 2

April - I travelled to Italy to spend an amazing week with my Italian relatives. I joined a Topdeck tour in Rome and travelled to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, and Belgium before going back to Liverpool and moving into my new home Rathmore.

Saturday, a day at the market in Domodossola
By Lake Maggiore, in Arona
More Mozzio

May - this month was spent searching for jobs and finding none. I travelled to Spain to spend two weeks with Jess. The sun and fun adventures we had were amazing.
What's in my bag?
Barcelona!!! May 18...
Krakow, Poland! First Night
Prague Zoo
Wieliczka Salt Mine

June - A month of sunshine, ice creams, and parks. A visit to Blackpool at the end of the month.
Barcelona May 20
Lunch and goodbye Dinner in Amsterdam
In Bruges

July - the World Cup, Moose Coffee, job interviews, Primark and Giants.
Barcelona! Casa Mila!
Can we get doughnuts now?
Cadiz Day 1
Off to see the Giants
We got a bleeder!

August - Everton, Wales, Leeds Fest, and the Arctic Monkeys.
Sefton Park Adventures
Jerez and the Zoo
Breakfast and La Reina Sofia
Leeds Festival

September - The Wire, movies, food and drink festival, and Liverpool FC.
Atocha and its turtles
Parque del Buen Retiro
The Tuesday of my Tuesdays
Riding the Wire

October - Amsterdam, Anfield, Liverpool FC, Home Coffee and Bonfire Night.
My first Liverpool match at Anfield
Saturday in Jordaan
A Birthday List
A very wet walking tour
A fun Saturday night

November - Chester, fall weather, Sheffield, Nandos, cinema and my very first tattoo.
Bonfire Night
A Day in Chester
A Walk in the Park
Sunday Recap: November 23

December - Walker Art Gallery, Christmas, working, overtime, shopping, food, friends, and family.
My Birthday List: Get a Tattoo
The Artis Zoo
Where are my feet? Instagrams
Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
So this is Christmas

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