Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Recap: January 11, 300 Days!

I cannot believe it's been 300 days since I left everything I knew behind and flew across the world on my big adventure. I have enjoyed everyday I have spent in the UK and hope that the next year will bring some exciting travel adventures.

I've been writing a lot of lists lately in my journal. Lots of cities in Europe as well as plans for the future.

All my photos lately have been of the sun setting. I am making plans to get out and explore Liverpool more. Be a tourist in my own city because for sure there are thousands of places I have not yet seen in Liverpool.

I worked Monday to Friday, nothing exciting there. The business happened on Saturday when I finally hauled myself into town and went on the Sandeman's New Liverpool Walking Tour. It was a really fun tour led by Phil. He took us around the main areas of Liverpool on a three hour walking tour.  I have been on a few Sandeman's tours and I thought this one was very well done. It was nice to play tourist and the weather was great on Saturday which made the tour just ten times better. It was a bit windy but as long as the skies were blue I did not care.  I enjoyed a massive bowl of noodles for lunch at Big Bowl Noodle Bar in Chinatown. I had hoped to take the second walking tour Phil mentioned they were starting to offer but I was the only one to show up so it was a no go.

On Sunday I had a very fun and full day. I took the bus into town with my housemate Nicola and met up with Jamie to visit my other housemate Danny's new coffee shop 92 Degrees. It's just opened and I think it's wonderful. I'm very happy and excited for Danny. After enjoying our hot beverages we headed down Bold Street and into Liverpool One where we stopped at American Pizza Slice for you guessed it, pizza. I had a delicious spicy vegetarian and a slice of Hawaiian. I was very impressed with how much pineapple was on my slice. We headed to the Odeon afterwards and watched Into the Woods which I thought was very well done and had an interesting storyline.  When the movie ended we went to Wagamama's in Liverpool One for some dinner. I enjoyed the chicken care lomen which was ramen noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup topped with grilled chicken, cucumber and beansprouts. As with my big bowl of noodles on Saturday, I succeeded in filling my craving for noodle soups. I still have yet to find a pho place but these two dishes were very good.

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