Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Recap: January 18

This week has had its ups and downs. The work week has been pretty flat and normal but as it drew closer to the weekend things changed.

Jamie amazing Jamie went to Anfield and queued for me for tickets to the Liverpool vs Chelsea game this coming January 20. It's the Capital One Cup Semi-Final and my seat is in the Kop end. I am both excited and terrified. Chelsea is the biggest club I will have seen Liverpool play against at Anfield so that is very amazing.

On Friday after work I went and watched Wild in theatres and it inspired me quite a bit. It was a sad movie that hit at parts of me, making me homesick for the mountains and I missed my mom a lot after watching it.

Leaving the movies I headed over to Lucha Libre on Wood Street and enjoyed an amazing burrito.  also had my first footballer spotting when I sat about five feet away from Everton footballer Leighton Baines. All starstruck, I tried not to stare too much.

On Saturday I planned more of the Ireland trip with my sister Shawn over skype. We managed to book a B&B in Dingle. I am very excited for March to come. Only 47 days, 11 hours and 15 minutes as I write this now until I get to see my sister and mother in Paris. We are going to have such an amazing adventure.

I started reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt and it has quickly grown on me. Hope I get more time to read this captivating book.

Today, I headed into town to go to work. Yes, work on a Sunday. Poor me. I had been asked to do stock take and if I had known now what I do I would have said no to it but I said I would work it. I got in an hour early so headed to Leaf on Bold Street and enjoyed porridge and a nice pot of tea.  I went to work at 11 am this morning and will not bore you with the struggle but ended up leaving work at 9:15 pm. A very long day. On my lunch break I did manage to enjoy Yo! Sushi and also a sblendid milkshake which was expensive but tasty,

Anyways, hope my next Sunday Recap is a lot better.

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  1. I can't wait to see Wild! Of course it won't hit the Patricia til late February so I'll have to wait forever still. I loved the book-did you read it? So good! Neil and I loved Dingle. Will you go to Donnegal? How about the Cliffs of Moher? Fish & chips in Galway were pretty fantastic and Dublin is super cool. Damn, I wish I was joining you ladies.