Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A day in Dublin

On my journey home to Canada, I decided that I would travel through Dublin as the flights worked out cheaper than flying out of Manchester. It was a quick flight to Dublin from Liverpool and I was soon on the ground exploring. I had arrived mid-afternoon so skipped out on museums that I knew would be closing soon enough.

On the recommendation of the hostel employee, I headed over to O'Neill's on Suffolk Street. I was a bit hesitant, not really knowing what to expect when I reached the place but I pushed forward and went inside. I was not sure how it worked if I was to sit and be served but I quickly found out that you queue up and order food either from their soup and salad bar or from the carvery. I chose to go to the carvery after browsing the menu and finding my mouth watering.

Direct from the websites description, I got the Slowly Roasted Irish Turkey with Honey and Mustard Baked Crowe's Ham for €11.95. I had to add a Yorkshire pudding on top. It was like Christmas and Thanksgiving had come together to give me this amazing feast. To drink I ordered a Guinness and sipped it and ate my food in their upstairs beer garden. If you are ever in Dublin and looking for an easy bite thats delicious and relatively inexpensive, I highly recommend O'Neills. 

After leaving O'Neill's I wandered a bit aimlessly around the city centre. The last time I had been in Dublin had been with my family in March. I had a really great time but now I was on my own exploring the city. If I had been spending more time in Dublin I would have set myself a game plan on where to go and what to see but I was only left with a few hours before I would head back to the hostel and get ready for bed in hopes of sleeping before my big flight to Canada.

After my wanderings, I checked in for my flight to Canada and sorted out my route to the airport on a Sunday. The airport buses don't run as early as they do on Monday to Saturday so I was left with having to pay for a shuttle to the airport. To end the night I enjoyed a Murphy's ice cream getting caramelised brown bread and dingle sea salt.

After my delicious ice cream, I headed back to my hostel and into bed. Canada awaited me.

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  1. Oh, my lord. You just keep killing me with all of the delicious food. I'm currently in a school workshop and drooling at the sight of your pictures. Mmm...miss you! <3