Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Recap: September 13

Since last Sunday my week has been alright. On Monday I did not feel very well so I called in sick to work. This put me in a bad position where I can't do any overtime for a while. My week worsened on Wednesday night when my Macbook Pro decided it would forget where its hard drive was. It froze on me so I restarted it, when it started back up all I had in front of me was a folder with a blinking question mark in the middle.

I called Apple and talked to a very lovely guy in Lisbon. He told me to pop into the Apple store in Liverpool tomorrow and book and appointment. He mentioned not bringing my laptop as I might not get an appointment, so following his words I did not bring my laptop in when I headed into town. I went to the Apple store and was informed there was an appointment that very afternoon but since I did not have my laptop I would not be able to go home and back in time to make the appointment.

Sad times, I headed home and made an appointment after 5 pm when all the appointments for the next day come available.  The next day I brought in my laptop and they managed to fix it that night. I met up with Jamie in town and had a good wander, discussing our plans for Paris. I'm quite excited.

My laptop was available to pick up on Friday night but I stayed home and went into town to pick it up on Saturday. I went to the library first and printed off my Groupon for two tickets for £10 from Odeon. I had planned to get some books out on Paris but I skipped out on that to go pick up my laptop. After making sure it was in working order, I took it with me to watch Legend using one of my Groupon tickets. I very much enjoyed the movie. It was very good.

Now my computer is functioning amazingly well and I should have brought it in sooner when I noticed the quality of performance lagging. Next time I will not hesitate.

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