Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Recap: September 6

Well I am sad that it is Sunday, I can't say I had a stressful week at work as I only did two days of work. I'm getting over my jetlag with lots of tea and naps. I'm not sure if it is actually helping but I'm giving it my best shot and hoping that I will be back to 100% soon.

I only worked Thursday and Friday this week. On Thursday after work I joined Jamie and Kevin for a spot of shopping and some delicious Nandos.

After work on Friday, I came home and made a big batch of soup which is slowly being eaten for lunches and dinners.

I've stayed in most of the weekend except on Saturday where I popped down to listen to the music being played at the bandstand in Sefton Park.

In the photo above playing in the bandstand is my housemate Alex Gavaghan. He even did a shout out to me which made me really pleased. I've never had a shout out before from such a stage so that was very cool. You can listen to him here.

After he finished up, I stayed to listen to the last band of the day before heading back to the house to have a relaxing evening.

Now it's Sunday evening. I made a piri piri chicken for lunch and ate that while watching the latest episode of the Amazing Race Canada. I've started playing this Sim City game on my phone and have become quite obsessed. Other than that I've been reading The Martian by Andy Weir which is a very good book and I look forward to watching the movie adaptation.

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