Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Swimming in the Quarries on Texada Island

On the Thursday of my trip to my lovely home town of Powell River, my family and I headed across the ocean to visit Texada Island. We were heading to swim in the Quarries. I was very excited to be visiting the Quarries and it was my first time. This little swimming paradise had been so close but I had never been before. It was not my first time to Texada thats for sure. The island is a half hour ferry ride from my home town.

With a van loaded up with pool noodles, coolers and inflatibles it was a quick trip. We were walking down the trail and soon were happily entering the beautiful water. The weather was amazing and I had a blast swimming around on my pool noodle. Swimming around the island that lays in the middle of the lake, I could not resist taking my camera into the water. Being very careful as it was not waterproof in the least, I swam about snapping photos.

Time sure flew and we spent almost the entire day there. We headed back to van, dragging up all our things and loading it back up. We drove across the island to Shelter Point where he stopped at the concession of the Shelter Point Campsite to enjoy a feast of hot dogs and burgers. Searching the beach for flower rocks as the sun was dipping in the sky, it was a lovely end to a wonderful day. We headed back across the island and raced to the ferry, time had slipped away from us and we had not being paying attention to the schedule. We managed to make it onto the ferry, my cousin's friend having been able to convince the workers to wait for us. We were very grateful as we would have had to wait for another hour for the next ferry. We were very lucky and we rode on the ferry happily headed for home.

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