Sunday, April 27, 2014

If I was a bird, if I was a plane.

I've been away from home for 41 days now. That means I have 685 days left in my life changing journey.  

My month and a half has been full of things. I've stayed in 14 different hostels in 11 different countries. I've made friends with accents. I've collected postcards from all these countries and am slowly sending them to those I care about. 

There's still gaps in my life but I'll fill them when I can.   

I miss my friends.
I miss my family.
I miss my Ricky.

But I'm following my dream and the emptiness I carry with me is a side effect of it. 

One of these days you'll be under the covers
You'll be under the table and you'll realize
That all of your days are numbered, all of them one to one hundred
All of them millions, all of them trillions
So what are you gonna do with them all?
-Live like you're dying - Lenka

1 comment:

  1. Your life changing journey will be worth every second you miss your family, friends and your precious Ricky. Your new friends will become just as important in your life, the countries you have and will visit are imprinted in your mind forever, how wonderful. No matter how home sick you get Paige, we are all thinking of you, we're very proud of you, very excited for you and love you very much - stay strong. <3