Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Mozzio.

We were back to Mozzio to have lunch with more of my distant Rolandi relatives. This time I was accompanied by Maurice and Maria Carla and their cute grandchildren Sofia and Edoardo.

We passed by the original Rolandi house and headed to the backside of Guisseppi and Mirella's of house where we visited with the family of Gioconda, my grandfather's first cousin and had lunch in their beautiful home.
They had a lovely garden and I loved seeing all the pansies. Made me think of my mother and her love for them.

The food was amazing. I have been so spoiled with how lovely everything is. We had roast beef, asparagus and potatoes but also appetizers before hand.
 Sofia, Gioconda and Edoardo. Gioconda is the first cousin of my grandfather Arthur. She is 92 but very mobile and it was so nice to meet her.
 I was very amused to find a kind of lizard/salamander up in Mozzio. Was not expecting to see this little guy. He posed for me, I like to think.
 Giorgio and Silvia's dog Joy enjoyed stealing all of the children's balls and hiding them underneath the bushes.

 Graziano, the son of Gioconda.

Elisa, her nephew Giovanni and Giorgio.

My cute little friend Edoardo. We communicated with 'ciao.'
The three cousins, Sofia, Giovanni and Edoardo.

Giovanni and his mother Barbara.
Silvia, daughter of Gioconda here with Sofia, me, Maria Carla, Edoardo and Maurice.

Giorgio, Silvia, Sofia, me, Maria Carla and Edoardo.
Sofia and I. She was so fun to run around with.

I got to see this very old photo. Back - Alfonso, my great grandfather Giuseppe or as he was known Pepin, Edoardo, Siro, Cesare and  Vittorio.

Front: In the centre seated is my great great grandmother Maria Alberti Violetti with my great great grandfather Giuanon. The woman with the child in her lap is listed as Zia Erminia.

I wish I could travel back in time and visit with these people in the photo. It brings me a lot of joy to be uncovering my own history.

Next up: More of Domo and then onto Rome!


  1. I have notice in every home there are lovely old pictures of their families usually hanging on the walls. I'm really enjoying all your family members and look foreward to your next blog entry. xoxox

  2. Oh my goodness Paige, so many memories flooding my head. I'm so glad you went just so I (I know so selfish) can see all these people and photos. So great to see Silvia, Giorgio, Graziano and the amazing ageless Gioconda. I am now making it my goal to get back there with my family and visit. One day!