Saturday, April 19, 2014


After such a quick tour of Rome, we left early on the bus on the way to Venice. We stopped for a few hours in Verona to check out the city and Juliet's Balcony. It was the second day of the tour and I was looking forward to seeing more and more of Italy.

The weather was beautiful and we walked through the city to the large Verona Arena where we planned to meet in the few hours before being allowed free reign of the city.

We headed to see Juliet's Balcony which was crowded with tourists. There is a statue in the courtyard where people rub the breasts. It is meant to bring good fortune and luck in love. There are many locks on a fence as well as graffiti from visitors. 

In Verona there are many spots where you can see ruins. This below is an example where they have built around the ruins so they are visible.

We had to enjoy a cup of gelato. I had strawberry and lemon this time. It was so delicious! I could eat gelato all day. I wish I could eat gelato all day.

We walked into the Piazza dei Signori where there were plenty of booths set up selling different things, mostly catering towards tourists. Lots of different Romeo and Juliet figurines.

Celine and Whitney in Piazza dei Signori.

Soon our time was up in Verona and we returned to the bus for the ride to Venice. It was a long drive and by the time we arrived, the sun was starting to set. We were in a similar campsite to Rome but this one was called Camping Village Jolly. It wasn't too jolly though as the wifi was very poor. Before dinner, Josie and I walked around the campground and then outside of it to where we could take nice photos of the sunset.

We had dinner once we got back from the photo shoot with the sunset. Our Topdeck group was joined by another Topdeck group so the dining tent was quite full. I met some fun girls and had a bit too much wine so when it was time to go to bed I was happy to do so.

Next post Venice!

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  1. Another wonderful post Paige. Romeo and Juliet, how romantic. I'm happy you got to see Juliet's Balcony, very special. Was the statue of Juliet? Did you rub her boob's?
    All your pictures are amazing and the sunset pictures were so beautiful. You mentioned you stayed in a camp ground, were those trailers where you slept at night? They looked very nice!
    I'm glad you're tasting the local foods and wines, good for you! I love Gelato myself, who could not.
    I look forward to your next entry, and keep having fun! xoxox