Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday, a day at the market in Domodossola.

With Marianna busy, I headed to explore the market of Domodossola with Maria Carla. Every Saturday they host a market that draws many people from all over. Due to Domodossola being so close to the Swiss border the market brings a lot of them by train.

We wandered along, Maria Carla buying a beautiful pink scarf before we sat down at a restaurant in the main square and enjoyed a small glass of Crodino.

Crodino is a non-alcoholic drink that is usually served before or after a meal.  We enjoyed it with nuts, olives and chips as a snack.  It comes from the town of Crodo which we visited the other day. It's made by Compari .

 After enjoying our little snack and crodino we met up with Sergio and his son Felippo and headed to Sergio's home to have lunch. Unfortunately Sergio's daughter Valentina was not feeling well so she was unable to come for lunch. I met her husband Luca who was very nice and spoke some English so we were able to talk during lunch.
 The lunch was beautiful, I love all the Italian food and it is an experience to be enjoying it with such amazing people. It's also so nice not to be in a restaurant but in their family homes enjoying home cooked meals.

After lunch we went into the sitting room and got a photo on their sofa which they usually take Christmas photos on.
 Giuse, Filippo, Me, Sergio and Luca.

We left their beautiful home and walked over to the football fields where Luca was playing with his team. I later learned today that they won 7-0. We had not known the score as we had only seen 3 goals scored by their team. 

I must say, the surrounding views of Domo with the Italian alps surrounding are so beautiful.  I am truly fortunate that I have been welcomed here and am able to stay with these wonderful people. I pinch myself everyday because of it.

Next up: Arona.

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