Monday, April 28, 2014


I've officially moved into my new house in Liverpool. The house is in Mossley Hill which is a lovely place surrounded by lots of parks. Penny Lane is very close to where I now call home.  I signed the lease today with the landlord's agent Bryan but I spent my first full night last night. The first thing I did when I arrived was dump my backpack and head to the nearest Tesco to get bedding before they closed. 

I returned home and made my bed which made me very happy before unpacking further. After emptying my backpack, I happily tucked it away into the closet promising that it would come out soon when I head to Spain with Jess. 

Once I was done I found the directions on how to walk to the Brookhouse and walked there happily in the sunshine exploring my new neighbourhood. I arrived halfway through the Sunderland vs Cardiff match and ordered a Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Cider and managed to find a seat which was lucky as the place was soon filling up with people wanting to watch the Liverpool vs Chelsea match that was coming on next. The last time I had gone to the Brookhouse, it had been with Jamie and I wished that she was there with me.

After the match, which I will not mention further I walked back the way I had come but stopped at the smaller Tesco by my house. Purchasing a few staples to have dinner and breakfast. I was able to skype with Shawn and Jordan that night which made me incredibly happy. I went to bed feeling relief.

My room is on the right on the ground floor.

The lovely little greenspace right next to the house.

 Looking down from the path to the house.
 My new bedroom
The built in shelves that I have currently filled with postcards needing to be sent.

Tapir says I need to send them all and not keep them. :(
This lovely Mucha box of chocolates I found today. Was so excited to find it. Can't wait to open it up and eat the insides. So pretty.

 A close up of my mantle. The bike I got in Amsterdam. Mr. Tapir, my travel companion on the right. In the centre, the mask I got in Venice and surrounding all of it the little Mucha squares I got in Bratislava.

Tesco sorted out my bedding for me.

 Bobby and the bestest journal Stephanie gave me that I am slowly filling.
I have the coolest keys. Ampelmann from Berlin, a gift from Betti.

I still need to get a bed side lamp and a few more things. I would like a rug for the hardwood floor but I shall wait and see. Happy to be home.


  1. Looks pretty great Paige!!! Do you share a kitchen then? I'm glad you are happy to be "home" for a bit however will miss your travels.

    1. Yes, shared kitchen but it has been great so far.

  2. Your new home and room looks very nice Paige! You will feel very comfortable there, sounds like you're getting to know your surroundings quite quickly. I'm very happy for you. <3

  3. That's a cute little place you've got there!