Monday, June 23, 2014

A letter arrives...

Monday, Monday. Today I got two things in the mail and I was very happy to receive both. A beautiful card from my friend Hillary in Powell River and my National Insurance Number. Finally. I sent away for it on the 16th of May so it's a relief to finally have it.  The job hunt continues. I had an interview on Friday with Boots at Liverpool John Lennon Airport but I have yet to hear back from them. They will call if its a yes and email if its a no. It's a bit of a hard thing as well because if I get the job I need to go forward with getting the security clearance for working in the airport. Background check, security testing and then a five year past history reference.

Above is the card that Hillary sent me which right away went to my mantle to join in with the postcards my mother sent me in her letter. All the beach glass I collected in Cadiz and my bike from Amsterdam, beautiful drawing from my cousin Jen's daughter Lily, photo of my sister, mother and me, a bracelet Jen's son Jackson made me, Mr Tapir, my little black horse from Jerez and all my rail tickets from travelling about on the trains.

Been searching for jobs most everyday but as my last few posts show, frequenting Sefton Park for BBQs and music festivals. The weather has been lovely recently so its best to get out and enjoy it.

Been watching this video as well as all of his others. Matt Harding has always been inspiring to me with all the places he shows in his videos.  I always tear up a bit watching them especially his earlier ones. Don't know why, they make me happy sad.  

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  1. Great to receive letters from your friends back home plus receiving your National Insurance Number, now the hunt for work can really get rolling, lol. :)