Friday, June 27, 2014

Back to London

As mentioned in my last Topdeck post featuring Bruges, it was the last day of my tour and we had just left Bruges to head from Belgium into France to Calais.  The drive from Bruges is little over an hour which seemed to fly by way too fast. Soon we were off loading our beloved Topdeck bus for the last time. Making sure we had everything as we would never see it again.
We stood around talking, taking a few pictures with the driver Akoosh who is on the left of the photo as well as our leader Betti who is second from the right.  They were both very amazing and I enjoyed them a lot. They really made an effort to make time and talk to everyone and I think that is important in guided tours. If you feel like the guide does not care about you then its a bit of a bummer. Cough cough Eurotrip 2008.

We waited a bit more before our ferry slowly came into port and we loaded onto the boat after securing our bags into a metal cage. Wishing my backpack a safe journey, I headed up onto the boat with the rest of the crew.  The crossing only takes 90 minutes so it is just like going from Vancouver to Victoria on BC Ferries. Not a very long trip.  I lounged with some of my group and read Harry Potter for the entire journey.   Soon enough the ride was over and we unloaded into Dover. We picked up our bags which happily had made it as well and we loaded them onto a bus that would take us into London. Boarding the bus, we sat back to enjoy the last bus ride with our group. There was a lot less of us now.

After we arrived in London, most of the group had booked accommodations at Clink 78 hostel. After arriving, most were staying in the Clink but I had booked a bed in the Journeys Kings Cross Hostel. I had been tempted to book myself into a nice fancy hotel but decided to save the money.   The Journeys was alright. I struggled to get into the room using the key code you needed to enter it. The bed was also a bit hard to get into as it was the very bottom bunk of a three tiered bunk bed. Guess I was glad to be on the bottom though.   I decided I would head out and enjoy a quesadilla and some nachos at a nearby Mexican restaurant close to the hostel. I also got a Fentiman's Rose Lemonade cause they are quite tasty and should be enjoyed when available.

After 16 days of having a group around you at almost all times, I was alone. Headed on the train in the morning to Liverpool. Which would be my new home. I can say I truly enjoyed my Topdeck tour and would definitely book a tour with them again.  I had a lot of fun and met some really amazing people. I would high recommend taking one of their tours if you are looking for a tour company. 

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  1. It's great you enjoyed your tour with Topdeck, it really makes a difference to how your whole adventure turns out. Betti and Akoosh sound wonderful, it's nice they enjoy people and their jobs.
    Food and drinks look good, the ferry looked like a little cruise ship and I'm so happy you made it back to London (Liverpool) safely.