Monday, June 30, 2014


Arriving back in Liverpool after taking the train up from London at the end of my Topdeck tour I stayed in the HOAX Liverpool which is a really funky hostel thats also attached to a cool restaurant called Hopscotch. I needed to stay in the hostel for two nights before I moved into my lovely new house.  The location of HOAX is perfect for exploring Liverpool as it's right in the centre.
The first thing I did when exploring Liverpool when I was back was to go to the Museum of Liverpool which is an amazing museum detailing the city's history. It's a free museum but they always suggest a donation to help keep the museum running. The staircase in the museum is very large and spirals up through the building.

The view of the Three Graces from the museum. Shows the beautiful day I was having.

They also have a large model on display of what the Liverpool Cathedral was supposed to look like in it's original design by Sir Edwin Lutyens.  The Cathedral of course does not look like this at all. The completed Metropolitan Cathedral looks more like a wigwam. Click here for wikipedia's photo of it.

Exiting the museum you can see the architecture of the building that houses the history of Liverpool. I continued my walk down past the Three Graces, admiring their beauty amongst the blue skies and clouds.

Liverpool is full of interesting buildings and statues. You find more and more when you explore it.


  1. What are the Three Graces? Did I miss that some where?

    1. The Three Graces are the three buildings on Pier Head. The Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building, That's just what they call them. They are really beautiful buildings and make up the iconic waterfront of Liverpool.