Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paige Update!

I have been back at Rathmore since the 31st of May and I am happy to be home. I got my tea and my bed.  I really enjoyed Spain and this was fully due to Jess. We had our highs and we had our lows. I won't give away too many details as there are plenty of posts coming from my Spain trip. You may have seen some Barcelona posts already slipping amongst my Topdeck tour posts. There are a few Berlin posts in the works then Amsterdam, Brugge, London possibly and more Liverpool. I'm going to try and post more about how I am currently doing.

I know quite a few of my family and friends read through my posts or at least look at the pretty pictures and that means a lot to me. Thank you to all those who read it and watch for my posts. It makes me so happy.

Well anyways, back in Liverpool. I've sent some postcards out to my postcard pals and restocked my cupboards with foodstuffs. A girl has to eat.

Just before I left for Spain I had walked on a very long journey to the Jobcentre Plus in Toxteth to get them to stamp a copy of my passport so I could mail away my application for my National Insurance Number. I need this number so I can be employed. So far playing the waiting game on the mail man for my processed application.

I managed to hang the bird garland that I got in Milan with Marianna and Maria Carla. It's so beautiful. I was worried I would ruin it but it looks pretty good. A little uneven but might try and fix that later.

 I added the photos I received from my mother in her care package to me to my fireplace mantle. 3 postcards from Powell River, a photo of my mother, sister and I. A beautiful drawing by my cousin Lily and a bracelet her brother Jackson made me.  I also got a delayed Christmas card. It all made me so happy to get it. Now I can look at my mother and sister smiling at me when I pass.

Happy Paige. I hope everyone else is happy and well.

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  1. Paige, your blog is amazing and I enjoy everything you write and looking at all your wonderful pictures. I'm happy to hear that you're getting care packages, pictures, postcards, drawings, a bracelet, Christmas Card (may it be late), see you are well thought of and missed by all. xoxox