Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Amsterdam, Amsterdam! How your beauty overthrew me! I had no idea how much I would enjoy Amsterdam and I must say that I will be going back. Not sure when but hopefully soon. It is a beautiful city. The canals are gorgeous. I cannot wait to get back and explore it more.
We arrived into the bike dominated capital of the Netherlands and hurried out of our bus to get our luggage off the bus and out of the way of all the bicyclists zipping past us. It was quite overwhelming to begin with and we got a nice welcome from one of the guys riding by who told us to 'F*** off!'  Making our way quickly through the streets, I was again glad to have my backpack and not have to drag my suitcase along after me.

Oh the bikes, the bikes, they were everywhere. Of course there are cars in the city but the bikes dominate the road and they are everywhere. As a pedestrian you have to be very careful not to get in their way or you will hear the wrath of their bell.  I was quite excited about the first day in Amsterdam as most of the tour group had signed up to go for a sex show. Me, being an adult decided that since I was doing a tour, I should go along as well. Cause, hey. It's a sex show. I'm in Amsterdam. When am I ever going to do that again? I may go to Amsterdam but going to a sex show would never be on my list if I was alone or even with friends.  I don't know many friends who would even want to go to a sex show.

We walked through the streets, following after our guide as she gave us a tour of how to get from our hotel to the red light district and the shopping streets, the flower market that would be open in the morning. The sun was starting to set and the light on these large towering houses was very beautiful. We came across a fair that had been set up in the middle of Dam Square. It was quite surprising to see. As the buildings are so tall, you can't really see much behind them so when we turned a corner we were confronted with a large ferris wheel and lots of different rides.

Before taking in the sex show we had a limited time to grab something to eat but a group of us grabbed some pizza which was actually pretty nice. I followed Whitney and watched as she ate this bug cream doughnut, very hilarious, the powder got everywhere.

We left the group that was not coming to the sex show and followed Betti along to where we were to attend our lovely show. Feeling a little nervous, we walked past two bouncers and down some stairs into a small little bar, stage and seating area. We were the only ones there. After all Betti had wanted us to arrive early so we could get good seats. Filing around the bar, I found a seat with the rest of my group. The others not so lucky to be shielded by the bar, got front row seats of the stage.  I don't know what I was expecting from this sex show but I must say I got my money's worth. It was truly an experience I will never forget. All of the male volunteers were from my group and I am not sure if we should have laughed as much as we did.  

After enjoying the show and our drinks, we headed to explore some of Amsterdam's bars. Getting free shots at one before we moved away from the bars and to the fair. Cindy, Shane, Celine and I took part on what I thought was going to be a silly ride which turned out to be quite terrifying.  It bounced, spun and shook us up and around multiple times. I must say I was happy to have the bottom bunk after we found the hostel again.


  1. Awesome owl art on that bike's wheel frame!

    Those condoms cracked me up! Wonder if those QR barcodes are functional and what they would link to... Ha.

  2. I must say, those were the fanciest condoms I've ever seen, lol. I'm glad you went and enjoyed the Sex Show Paige, that's what Amsterdam is famous for. It sounds like you're having lots of fun, good for you.