Sunday, June 15, 2014

Clog and Dairy Farm

Leaving Berlin behind we made our way through Germany and entered the Netherlands. Before we were to arrive in Amsterdam we stopped at a small dairy farm that produced cheese and as a side business made traditional Dutch clogs. 

Our lovely cheese presenter, wearing her lovely clogs, showed us how the farm produced Gouda cheese and the differences between the ageing process. You can see from the wheel of cheeses in front of her the one on the bottom is the freshest and the one on the very top is the eldest. Fresh cheese is more soft and the older it is the more harder it gets.  My favourite part of the tour was being able to sample all of the different types of cheese that they sold. Smoked Gouda being my favourite I picked up a thing of cheese. Which reminds me that I need to get on eating that delicious souvenir.

As I mentioned above the farm supplements their earnings by making Dutch clogs and selling them to tourists like us. The farm we were at were doing several tours that day and they had a pretty large shop so I can see them making a fair earning out of both their cheese and their clogs.  I had no interest in buying the clogs but the whole process of how they made them was very interesting to watch. The owner of the farm was quite funny and we had quite a few laughs during his presentation on how me made the clogs.

The clog making workshop above, pretty interesting to see them from start to end (minus polishing and painting) The farm had a calf that had just been born a few days before and we got to peek at him and the other dairy cows.

We loaded onto the bus. Amsterdam was waiting for us and I enjoyed a Broderick's Nutty Crunchy Caramel Munchie that I had gotten when I was in Dresden. It was delicious!!

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  1. Another great post Paige! Seeing the clogs being made would have been very interesting, I would have bought a pair for sure. :)