Monday, October 27, 2014

A fun Saturday night

After enjoying our ice cream from Monte Pelmo, Angela and I walked from Jordaan back towards Dam Square, walking around the shopping area before stopping at a FEBO where we enjoyed croquettes. She tried the beef and I had the veal. It was actually surprisingly tasty. FEBO is a walk up fast food vending machine with hamburgers, fries and other foods. We stopped in a store and I purchased a Coke that I shared with 'Freerk.'

Above Angela getting Freerky.

We walked around Dam Square before we headed to the Red Light District to explore it more. We headed along the streets, popping in and out of shops exploring and having a laugh. I managed to find a cat perched on a small roof and struggled to pet it but succeeded in doing so. Was a very happy moment. When our hunger got the better of us, we tried hunting down food and found a delicious Indonesian restaurant. 

Angela and I headed back to the carnival area and we went of the big 'Around the World' ride in the photo above that took us high over Dam Square. I believe it cost €6 but it was well worth it for the views of the square below and the buildings around.

To end the night I got a giant cotton candy which promptly made everything sticky with the sugar. We caught the tram back to Leidsplein where we went our seperate ways. I had a great first day in Amsterdam and had a lot of fun with Angela.

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  1. A machine that just gives you cheeseburgers? I want that here.