Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The I amsterdam card

I had heard about the I amsterdam card through Nomandic Matt's blog. I had been hesitant to purchase a card like this as I was unsure if I would get the value of it back. I thought about it and did a bit of math on what museums I wanted to see and what it would cost me to pay for them all individually and decided that on the last two days of my Amsterdam trip I would use the I amsterdam card and museum hop until I grew tired of it. Now I made a pretty big list and I crossed off almost all the major museums and things offered by the card. I have no regrets on the time I spent in each museum and exhibit. 

This museum pass worked well for me and I think it would work well for anyone if they just hit up the top museums and the zoo. The Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House are not included in the card and I enjoyed both of them and highly recommend seeing them.

The 24 hour pass is €47 and includes a long list of museums and other free things you can get. The pass also includes public transit on buses and trams on the GVB as well as a free canal cruise which is worth €15.00. The 48 hour pass is €57 and the 72 hour is €67. So essentially just €10 more a day. I decided on the 48 hour pass dedicating Tuesday and Wednesday to the pass. I believe you can get longer passes but I would consult the Visitor Information Centre or their website.  I purchased my pass from the Centre at Central Station but it is available at Schiphol Airport and online.

Artis Royal Zoo €19.95

Van Gogh Museum €15.00
(photo from the Rijksmuseum but it is a Van Gogh)

Hermitage Amsterdam €15.00 + €3.50 for exhibit Dining with the Tsars

De Nieuwe Kerk - was closed when I was in Amsterdam

Science Center Nemo €15.00

The Hollandsche Schouburgh €12.00 includes admission to the Jewish Historical Museum and the Portuguese Synagogue.

The Portuguese Synagogue

Jewish Historical Museum

Hortus Botanicus - the Botanical Garden €8.50

Gassan Diamonds - free guided tour

Amsterdam Museum €11.00 ( I actually paid full admission as I went  before getting my card )

Museum Willet-Holthuysen €8.00

Verzetmuseum €8.00 ( I did not end up getting any photos)

Rembrandt House Musuem €12.50

Tassenmuseum - Museum of Bags and €9.50

Foam - Photography Museum €8.75

Huis Marseille - Museum for Photogrpahy €8.00 ( did not get a photo)

Stedelijk Museum €15.00

Museum Van Loon €8.00

Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis €9.00

Allard Pierseon Museum €10.00

Oude Kerk €7.50

Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder - Our Lord in the Attic €8.00

EYE Film Museum €9.00

Canal Cruise €15.00

Free gift from De Bijenkorf Luxury Shopping Center was free coffee/tea and a cake. Was amazing.

25% discount on herring at Jonk Haringhandel Herring Cart at Spui 7.

So in total if I had not used the I Amsterdam card I would have spent €197.70 on museums and if you add the canal cruise thats €212.70 so the card definitely payed for itself. If you plan on seeing a lot of museums or even if you don't plan on seeing a lot it can easily be worth it with the savings.

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