Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday in Jordaan

I woke early to fly to Amsterdam from Liverpool. My cab from Davy Liver was £11.32 and the nice man came and picked me up at 4:30 am. The airport is not very far from my house but unfortunately the 80A bus does not run that early. I got through security and enjoyed a bit of food. Soon it was time to board and we were up and away. The flight was very quick. A time change of an hour and we landed in Amsterdam at 9:10 local time. I got my passport stamped and was on my way out of the airport with lovely thoughts of just how pretty all the Dutch border security are. I caught the 197 bus from Schiphol to the Rijksmuseum and walked around the block to the Flying Pig Uptown where I was staying. I had booked into a four bedroom for one night as the three bed was not available for the entire duration of my stay. The room was right by reception so was very easy to access. After doing all the checking in business I had plans to head into the Jordaan and check out the Noordermarkt before eventually going to Dam Square for the Sandeman's New Amsterdam Free Walking Tour.

From the Flying Pig to the Noordermarkt was about half an hour. I managed to find the shop that I had wanted to stop in the last time I was in Amsterdam. De Kunstboer, is an accessory, bag and art shop. They sold some really cool bags that I wanted to buy but I held back and just got some really cool postcards.

I stopped at Citea for a delicious spicy chai before heading into the Noordmarkt which on Saturdays sells a lot of organic food. There were lots of bakery treats but I had my eye on Winkel for their apple pie.  There was only a small queue for the pie and it was very worth it. If you're in Amsterdam you have to try it.  It's not very expensive either, I think maybe ~€3.30 or something for a delicious slice of apple pie.

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