Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monte Pelmo Icecream

After the walking tour, a girl I met from the Phillipines named Angela joined me to go to Monte Pelmo icecream in the Jordaan. It was not very far from the spot where the walking tour ended so we were not going out of our way. I had read about how good this ice cream was during my research for the trip. It also happened to be recommended to me by my housemate Danny who is a chef so I knew I needed to go and see it. The shop is open daily from 1 to 10 pm though their hours might be changing for winter. I would double check their website to avoid being disappointed.

The shop is located on 2nd Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17 in a really nice area of the Jordaan. It is really close to Het Snoepwinkeltje candy shop so you can stock up on all your Dutch favourites.

I got lemon and white chocolate with hazelnut. It was so good and my only regret is I never went back everyday to get more ice cream there.

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