Monday, July 1, 2013

About me

A little about myself. I'm 23. Female. I live in Burnaby and I own a very handsome exotic short hair named Ricky.
He's quite adorable, isn't he?
The goal of this blog is to write down my thoughts, and the roads I will take in order to move to Europe with the Youth Mobility Scheme.  I have been to Europe twice. My first trip was with my school in March of 2008 for a quick jaunt through London and Northern France ending in Paris. This trip only served as a sampler for me and I was determined to return. 

I saved and planned my own trip. My mother asked if she could join me and I quickly agreed and she came with me on my second trip. My second trip was a month long tour of England, Scotland, France and Spain. I had a really great time with my mom and my only regret is that my sister was not able to join us and I think that will always hurt me whenever I think of this trip. I hope that once I move she will be able to come visit me and I can take her on an adventure. 

I am still in the planning stages of this endeavour but to make a blog about it makes it seem more and more real. I am saving for it and have that goal in mind. Today I went on the Burnaby Library website and placed a hold on a few books that I hope will help me read more into the fine details of this adventure I am planning. I have yet to choose my destination  I am leaning towards England but improving my Spanish and exploring more of Spain entices me as well.

This is me. Hi.

I hope to move within the next 6 months. Which puts me at January. I have always dreamed of spending Christmas in Paris, so I may aim for that before flying/busing/training on to my final destination. It's all up in the air, all very exciting, all going to happen.

If you read this and have experienced travelling to Europe with the Youth Mobility Scheme or Working Holiday Visa please let me know your experiences or let me know your blog url.

Lots of love, 

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