Monday, July 8, 2013

What a Weekend. Part 2. Saturday.

Woke up early on Saturday and Chris and I drove to pick up my sister to head to the Trout Lake Farmers market for its opening at 10 am. The Trout Lake Farmers Market is great. They have a few food trucks, lots of local and organic produce. It runs for several hours and is a lot of fun to have on a Saturday. We met up with my friend Jon and his girlfriend Whitney and while we were in the market we met up with my friend Sondra. I enjoyed a very tasty salted caramel cake and purchased a few other insanely good baked items from a seller. I got a bratwurst from this great vendor called Serious Sausage, it was delicious and their homemade currywurst sauce was to die for. So tasty. Our adventure at the market came to an end and we went our separate ways.

I stole Sondra along with me and we headed to Metrotown where we watched The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. It was hilarious. I really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs with Sondra and my sister.

I dropped my sister off at her house before heading with Sondra over to Whitney's where I picked her and Jon up to take them to the Greyhound Courier Express station down on Terminal so she could ship a few boxes out to a friend in Toronto.  The  shipping part was easy and we were done quite quickly o we headed up Main Street to enjoy some delicious East is East. This restaurant is one of my favorites. The food is amazing, the chai and all their chilled drinks are just wow, mind blowing, so good. I had the two roti rolls and had the Afghan Nomad and The Silk Route as well as a Kama Sutra chai ice cream shake. So good!

Sondra and I walked across the street to Three Bags Full, a really cute wool store that I purchased a lovely wool blanket from last year. We both got yarn and some crochet needles as we plan to learn. Carol has said that she will teach me so I am super excited.

I dropped Sondra home at her house before going to my sister's to join her and Chris for dinner. Since I had such a late lunch/early dinner I was still too full to have a full meal at the Cactus Club so instead enjoyed a bellini and their Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar. The dessert was so delicious, so nice to actually enjoy those kind of desserts, usually I am way too stuffed to even want any.

Carol then drove us to Vanier Park where we attended Bard on the Beach and watched the Twelfth Night which I found very hilarious. I loved it. I had been invited to attend the last two years that my sister had gone but had been disinterested but this year decided to go and I don't regret it. It was a very great play and a great ending to a day.

The set for Twelfth Night

The Museum of Vancouver, in Vanier Park

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