Monday, July 8, 2013

What a weekend! Part 1. Friday.

Wow, I felt so busy this weekend. On Friday August 5, I got off from work having worked at 11 pm Thursday night and got off 7:30 friday morning. I was trying to clean house in preparation for my friend Chris' arrival later that day and got sidetracked, doing more mess making then cleaning up. I found a few notes from my best friend Stephanie and missed her a lot. She messaged me she was not feeling well so I wanted to go help her feel better so I got in my car and bombed to North Vancouver to play nurse. She works at Starbucks as a supervisor and in return for my nursing her back to health she made me an Everything Refresher. Oh its so amazing! It's all of the Starbucks refreshers combined and tastes so nice.

She was busy with work and Chris was arriving into Vancouver so I headed off to Burnaby to Metropolis at Metrotown to meet him there and I was able to find myself a latex swim cap from Atmosphere for $3.99. We made our way back to my car where we headed for Main St. As it was still early a lot of the really good places to eat were not yet open. So sad! Chris mentioned The Foundation so we migrated in that direction but it was not exactly what I was feeling so we walked up a few blocks and had a yummy brunch at The Rumpus Room.

My friend Chris from Victoria

It was great! I had the breakfast poutine which has a poached egg, french fries, cheese curds, hollandaise sauce and bacon. It was amazing! Chris had the fruit waffles and they looked tasty but nothing could beat the breakfast poutine in my mind.

After lunch we headed for my house where my sister met up with us and we went swimming at the Canada Games Pool which was a lot of fun. I really enjoy swimming with other people.

We then hit up Taqueria Playa Tropical in New Westminster for some amazing Mexican food. I love this restaurant for its food but not for its service. The food is delicious, cheap and always brings me back but the service is very poor and they always seem to take forever to clear your table and get you the bill. The waitresses also were poorly managing the tables and could not keep track of which table had what food. It is still delicious and I will go back but it is quite frustrating.

Annie's came next for dessert. A yummy maple twist soft serve in a cone. It's really cheap and you get a lot of ice cream so always ask for a small unless you're sharing or can manage a big ice cream. We walked into the historical area of New Westminster, admiring all the old houses and made our way through Queen's Park. The rose garden in the park was lovely and I stopped to smell them!

Walking back to the car was a struggle as being up for twenty four hours was affecting me and I enjoyed a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks before crawling into bed and passing out!

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