Friday, July 12, 2013

Different Times

Reading my old journal a little. On Saturday July 17th, 2004 all I wanted in the world was
-a pomeranian
-a computer and internet
-a video camera
-happiness to the fullest

The pomeranian wish was due to having lived near one and I always saw this dog as being so cute and wonderful. I no longer want one but have not stopped thinking they are adorable.

A computer and internet are still very important things to me. Glad I have them.

A video camera. I have one. A Sony. I don't use it enough to warrant having one.

Happiness to the fullest...thats a hard one. I am happy. I enjoy my life and am looking forward to the paths I will tread.

On July 18th I wrote that I wanted to go to New Zealand.
Why: I just love it
How: Plane
When: The future seems dim but somebody might turn the light switch on.

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