Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just another Tuesday

So I've gone to the local pool three times now in the past week and have really enjoyed swimming. It's a really great stress reliever and a nice work out. I enjoy doing laps, or trying to do them. I try to do as many as I can before slinking off to the hot tub to soak up the bubbles and keep an eye on the senior citizens who kicking as in the pools.
I wish I was like this guy. But I'm more like Nemo. Got one small fin, kind of dealio. I go and I go but then I get tired.

I hope that with time my swimming skills will improve because I do want to get better and its tough being jealous of all the old people that are passing me in the lanes. Damn some of them are fast. I am quite impressed. I have had to choose my lanes carefully. I do not want to rush any of the guys.

I made some yummy spicy coconut pumpkin soup to bring to work tonight. Yum yum. Check out the recipe, it's damn good.

Love Paige xoxo

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