Thursday, July 4, 2013


So I read through the two books, and would have to say the Gap Year Guidebook definitely helped me a lot more than the other one. I found How to Work in Someone Else's Country to be more orientated towards people who are moving abroad through companies and how to handle those situations versus going abroad and finding work there. I did enjoy reading on how to acquaint yourself with the locals and other suggestions it had. The Gap Year Guidebook had a chapter on working abroad which I found very helpful. The book is from the UK so has a bit of info about taking a gap year in the UK but that is based on someone not leaving their country so it does not have much info in the regards of the Youth Mobility Scheme.

This has a list of books recommended in a travel book. It also lists a bunch of useful websites.

Better luck with the next books that I check out. Got to stay positive.
Love Paige xoxo

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