Sunday, July 14, 2013

A small adventure of my own

I felt very sad at the beginning of today. Jon and Sondra were off on the Island with their friends, one in from Ontario to visit them. They were having an adventure in some of my favorite places and I was jealous but also sad that I had not been invited. I know it was a trip for just them but I wished that I could have been a part of it.

Still feeling down about not having a slice of this adventure I turned to Earlin but he was busy going to a wedding for his boss. My sister was picking up her wedding bands and then attended a BBQ so she was unable to provide me with entertainment. I hummed and hawed about what to do so I decided to go to the zoo!



 Roosevelt Elk

I walked around the zoo at a leisurely pace. Stopping to admire the animals and enjoyed the sunshine. Most of the animals were in the shade but I did enjoy seeing the Grizzley Bear having a treat of berries stuck in an ice block. It was a nice day out as I love the zoo and would go a lot more often if it was closer to Burnaby.

After the zoo I was stuck for what to do so I turned south and headed across the border into Washington State and drove down to Bellisfair. I picked up a cute Totoro hoodie and swimming goggles. I enjoyed a stromboli in the food court before entering Target. I got a really great deal on cat litter. 31 pounds or something for 11.79 which would cost probably about 16.00 in Canada. I also got some Ocean Spray Cran-Lemonaid which has not hit the shelves in Canada despite it being so yummy so I stocked up with three of them. I also got a single Chobani Strawberry Greey yoghurt as we do not have Chobani in Canada and I really wanted to try some so I got one and ate it after putting everything into my car. It was really tasty.

My tasty Chobani.

I headed north again, getting gas at 3.959 a gallon and pumped half a tank or 6.181 galons and it cost me $24.24. Right now in Burnaby gas was 1.47 a litre and I got it for 1.04 litre.So I got 23.39 litres so if I got it in Canada it would have cost me $34.38 so I basically saved $10 so yay to that. After the gas it was a straight shot home and now I am home and happy as can be with my little adventure. Time for bed? I think so.

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