Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jamie's Italian

Heading into town early today on the bus as I lacked anything to do at home. I searched out something to eat and decided on Jamie's Italian. I've always been a fan of Jamie Oliver, having watched him on the food network growing up. I had never been to one of his restaurants so I was excited to try the one in Liverpool. I got a nice little table by myself and looked over the menu. I decided on their famous prawn linguine and I was not disappointed. It was very fresh and tasty. It reminded me a lot of the seafood linguine that I had in Budapest. Brought back a lot of memories of my Topdeck trip as I sat and enjoyed it. It filled me right up which was probably good as I had a look at the dessert menu and I might have to pop in there after work sometime just for a hot chocolate and a cake or something. Very tempting.


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  2. Mmm...that Italian looks so good. Your blog always makes me so hungry. I also love those lightbulbs - the Edison bulb is too cool. Lots of places these days going with the older style of lightbulbs.