Friday, August 1, 2014


Work was good today. Super happy I got put on tills for the full four hours. No issues. No paper cuts. A few struggles with bags but besides that nothing. Everything went smoothly. Well it did start out raining in the morning and stayed pretty miserable for most of the morning but I made it to work alright with my umbrella and rain jacket.

After getting off work I was lucky enough to get the lift up to the fifth floor. Changing quickly I headed out of work and found Jamie to start our adventure in Liverpool One. We headed over to where Coke had set up a Share A Coke event and we got in line to wait to get our own free personalized bottle of coke.  After getting the bottles, we headed to the roof of the thing and enjoyed a small mini can of coke.

Heading for Odeon, we quickly purchased tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy before going to Maccies for dinner. After our bellies were full we headed back to the Odeon where we watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Not going to give away spoilers but it was awesome and I really enjoyed Chris Pratt in it.

After the film we went to Superdrug where I picked up some nail polish essentials. Nail polish remover, top coat, cotton pads and two new nail polishes. Saying goodbye to Jamie at the bus stop I headed to Lime Street and caught the train home to Mossley Hill.

Now I've finished painting my nails in the new colours I got as well as enjoyed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and an A&W Rootbeer. So good.



Verdict on the new nail polish is that its not that great. It was the cheaper one in the store but it went on with a bit of difficulty. Will keep painting my nails now that I've spent the money on all the things for it. At least thats the plan. I am telling myself I won't get a million polishes I will never use. 

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  1. Good, frugal choice on the nails. Probably easier to maintain too. A co-worker of mine has the same colour for a long stretch, but it's just so well-chosen that it looks really posh and like it's suited to her. I'd suggest that. I do like the mix of colours though!!