Sunday, August 3, 2014

Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery is my favourite museum in Liverpool. I remember it fondly when I went there with my mother in 2009 so returning to its rooms full of art came with such a happy feeling. The art gallery is lovely with a large number of works as well as a sculpture room. The museum is named after its founding benefactor, Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, a former mayor of Liverpool. The museum is free to enter but they do recommend a donation.

My favourite painting in the museum is the John William Waterhouse's Echo and Narcissus. I do hope I can see more of his paintings in person. It looks like there are a few of them scattered across England.

I fell in love with the above painting 'The Little Foot Page' by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale.

I can't recall who this painting of Henry VIII is by but it always makes me pinch myself when I see things like this up close. I've always been a fan of history when I was growing up and remember reading all about him and his life.

The photos below are of St. John's Gardens which is across from the Walker Art Gallery and a lovely building against the pretty sky.

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