Friday, August 8, 2014

Jerez and the Zoo

As the adults in our party wished to venture off on a sherry tasting tour of a Bodega. I cannot remember which one but there are plenty of them in Jerez. Anyways, Jess and I were in no way interested in sherry or taking a tour of Bodega we had to come up with another option of what we could do. A little research and also the pamphlets at our hotel we decided we would check out Jerez's zoo.  (Very photo and animal heavy)
With the help of google maps and our phones we worked our way across Jerez to the zoo. The sunny skies gave a nice background to some torn down buildings we found along our route.

In Cadiz and Jerez there were these beautiful flowering purple trees that littered their petals onto the ground. I loved them. A quick google tells me that they are called Jacaranda trees. 

Arriving at the Zoo Botanico Jerez we paid the €9.30 each to enter and were given a pamphlet that gave us the map of the zoo and a faint order in which to follow. We followed along the first section attempting to see and photograph the monkeys that we saw. The enclosures making it difficult to get a good shot of them. 

These little geese things were trying very hard to get at Jess. I think they are out for blood. One of them nibbled on my bag quite happily.

I was very happy to see the South American Tapir, I was sad though of the difficulty to take photos. It seemed Jerez is not photo friendly as they had mostly chain link enclosures and made it hard for you to get near the chain link. Difficult photos. 

All in all I think the zoo was alright. They had Tapirs which was an important selling feature. I felt the real thing it lacked was in the display of the animals. The fences made it hard to see and photograph the animals. There were a lot of children and school groups around but Jess and I pushed through like the champs we are.

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